Back from the Lakes and some serious walking around Ennerdale, Whoap and Gricke - many thoughts about how to incorporate my art practice with my walking practice - what do I want to say and how do I express it visually? More about this later. I am re-reading 'Crossing the unknown sea' Work as a pilgrimage of identity by David Whyte (a poet) The book is about connecting with our inner world, our imagination which can lead us on a journey of self discovery and authentic existence. It is an inspirational read about the creative life! I love the way he writes. I used my digital sony camera to take photos on the walks. However I am continuing using pin hole photography and have experimented with 12 small images of my bathroom made in black film cannisters - easy to carry around - it is very hit and miss because the light conditions are always changing so many images have either been under exposed or over exposed. Next time I go walking I will take them with me. I have also received a donation of several old cameras - one of them a Brownie 127 (which was the first make of camera I owned) - I am drawn to using them in my work somehow. I want to make more black and white photography and less digital work!


Just starting to blog

Well I've finally got round to doing a blog - been thinking about it since last summer and now I'm here with a new way of getting down my thoughts - hoping I will be able to use this like a journal. Have been back 3 weeks now from visiting my daughter in Bangladesh and am still missing the colour, the sunshine, the atmosphere, smiling faces, the chaotic and frentic traffic and street life, smells, food - well everything really - it was so alive! I am wondering if the Western World has lost the plot? Yes there is poverty and corruption (isn't there everywhere) but there is also pride, curiousity, simplicity and spontaneaty. It was a wonderful experience and I have put my favorite photos, out of around 500 I took, on this blog - he so enjoyed having his photo taken and the woman is almost biblical!
So back to reality - this weekend I am off to the Lakes to visit my eldest daughter who has just moved there, I am taking a bottle of champagne and will do some serious walking (with camera).
Please join me and add your thoughts, comments, things you would like to see!