today is a day when I am several steps behind the rest of the world and too lacking in energy to catch up - I've been feeling yucky for the last week and thought maybe I was sickening for something but it appears not so at the moment - I'm just under the weather and feeling 20 years older than I am - which makes me REALLY old and doesn't bear thinking about! Any kind of inspiration has evaporated along with my energy and I don't seem to be able to do anything creative - which is why I'm writing this post in the hope that something happens to interrupt the inertia! I have wandered into the studio and straight back out again because I don't know where to start? My Christmas cards would be a good beginning if I could summon up an idea to start me off! 

Perhaps it's the rapidly approaching festive season which I love but I think, starts far too early - I really like to think about it just a few days before - usually on my birthday - the winter solstice - and a nice day to enter into the spirit of things! Christmas has just got too long and very exhausting hasn't it? But of course I don't have to take it on board - or rather only the bits that I want too - like the Candlelit Carol service which I am singing in and the practice sessions I have been going to for the last month.
Perhaps it's the MA and the overwhelm I feel about the course and the question as to whether I'm really up to it? But I finish uni this week although no doubt there will be a ton of reading to do in the break - however, I do mean to have 10 days off and do lots of walking (and eating of course) - possibly I will dip into a philosophy book (but maybe not)- meantime I have a tutorial tomorrow which is rather daunting when I'm feeling like this!  
Is anyone else feeling like me? I read other blogs and everyone seems so inspired, on track and busy and I feel quite disheartened - this one by textile artist Elena Thomas  cheered me up  - such honesty is good for the soul. She talks about the way artists work and says "feast and fallow, rise and fall, to be aware of them, and not scared by the fallow periods, or horrified by the clunkiness"
Anyway as they say 'everything passes' and I will be back here feeling inspired, creative and in step with the world again very soon..........