Reverberations - Bradley Eros

Just got back from an exhilerating weekend in London - attended the Bradley Eros film performance at Camden Arts Centre on Saturday and then the workshop at no.w.here studios on the Sunday. Bradley's 'Cinema Povera' uses found footage, burning and mirrors amongest other processes. He was very generous in sharing his experience and methods with us in the workshop. Thanks to James, Bradley, everyone at no.w.here and all the participants for making this a real learning and fun experience. I am now deep in found footage, scratching and burning and punching holes in 16mm film - watch this space


Light night in Leeds

It was a great evening and how wonderful to see so such a mix of people in town at night - a thought I had was that we need to have a revolution in our cities on Friday and Saturday evenings - everyone over the age of 40 and families together out on the streets enjoying themselves - rather than letting the youngsters have the city to themselves - lets see everyone!! Maybe it would be a way making our cities safer at night!
The 2 very best things I saw were the AMAZING maze of light and shadows from Pyramid of Arts - inspiring and beautiful - thanks to everyone involved - the second was LIFT - Leeds Intimate Film Theatre - a real experience - a cinema in a goods lift - it was such fun! Thanks to Beryl, Cheryl and the others taking part - I will post photos as soon as I can find some - didn't take my camera with me this time - a mistake!!