It's been such a wet winter that I haven't done much walking - many of the walks I normally do have been subject to floods and erosion making it quite dangerous to walk in certain areas along the coast. But in avoiding certain areas then new paths have evolved and on one of them I made this recording of body movement during the walk - you can see the parts where it was raining and both I and the drawing got wet - I like the blurring though as it encapsulated the feeling of the walk - misty, damp and circumscribed.......

I have been carrying this tiny book (5cms square) in my rucksack for simply ages and I finally found a use for it - it was a giveaway from Kate at A disorganised life - thank you Kate - I loved using it and I'm going to adapt the idea to make further walking books. It has concertina pages so I can unfold it as the walk unfolds - lovely! I have had to scan the book in 2 parts as it is too long (50 cms) to do in one scan. I would like to post some photographs but I am still waiting for my camera to return from Canon services where it is receiving tender loving care after my accident with it on the beach on New Year's Day - an expensive mistake! But I will post another photo of the whole book when I get it back - hopefully soon as I really miss it!



It’s not so much that I haven’t got a direction but knowing which direction to take?


I too often have only the big picture which can be rather rose tinted at times!


So I’m left stumping around in the dark when I want to be clear about which way to proceed……



And not to have any of these…………………….IMG_3410

Finally I want to be feeling like this …….


On top of my world - rose tinted!

2013 has not started too well – I tripped on the beach and dunked my camera in the sea, jarring my back and feeling like a doddery old fool! (I’ve saved the photos but still waiting to see if the camera will work again)


now I have succumbed to the flu virus which has been threatening me with small bouts for the last month and had managed to keep at bay until yesterday!

I know it could all be a lot worse – everything changes and I’m sure I will feel brighter tomorrow and my direction become clearer…….

I hope the start to your new year has been better!