It’s not so much that I haven’t got a direction but knowing which direction to take?


I too often have only the big picture which can be rather rose tinted at times!


So I’m left stumping around in the dark when I want to be clear about which way to proceed……



And not to have any of these…………………….IMG_3410

Finally I want to be feeling like this …….


On top of my world - rose tinted!

2013 has not started too well – I tripped on the beach and dunked my camera in the sea, jarring my back and feeling like a doddery old fool! (I’ve saved the photos but still waiting to see if the camera will work again)


now I have succumbed to the flu virus which has been threatening me with small bouts for the last month and had managed to keep at bay until yesterday!

I know it could all be a lot worse – everything changes and I’m sure I will feel brighter tomorrow and my direction become clearer…….

I hope the start to your new year has been better!


lynne h said...

lol, rosie, this post has me smiling... i can SO see you atop a tall building, scepter in hand, victorious. : ) yep...

happy new year...



Carole said...

Oh no! May your days in January be blessed with confident feet, a working camera, and health. I'm feeling like you about direction....or lack of it....I wonder what path you'll be following this year?