in the post today

I won this last week in a competition on the Artist Newsletter website - it arrived today - a pen to help me make decisions - it is by the artist Yara El-Sherbini - click on the image to see the small red dot floating in the gel inside the top of the pen with the notes yes, no, don't know as a list! It's fun!
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Feeling spring-y !!

He was strutting about feeling very important! Fresh garden eggs for breakfast - aren't they pretty? I think I'll have the pale turquoise one today (laid by Bertha)!


Clocks are changing to summertime

The clocks are changing tomorrow night and we lose an hours sleep on Sunday morning. I feel the shifting of time, weather and space. This is how I'm feeling today! SPRING-Y - awakening to new creations and possibilities ! So I invite you to get a cuppa and enjoy this for 10mins


preparing for disintegration

It started with Seth and an old piece of rusty metalTHEN THIS- some 16mm found film footage and some film transparencies!
it quite obviously needed some paper!
And a bit of COLOUR "Why not some teabags and teabag paper" I thoughtand some string and stuff to tie it all up!! a collection was forming - I became excited
A bundle forming!
now to wrap it all up!
neally there! it's feeling playful - like pass the parcel!
finished and ready for the great outdoors!but first a dunking in some water with a squidge of bleach - just to get it going - oohh the colours are running...................tucked under the bay tree and in amongest some weeds - I might be tempted to peep now and again! added protection from the neighbouring cats! and there it waits until 1 May! I am very late starting this off but still it has 6 weeks to do it's disintegrating - will that be enough time I wonder - I'll start in the Autumn next time


(sub)Missive private view

The private view was great - lots of people turned upAdd Image
my friend Jane came with her daughter Georgia and friend Kate and son Jamie - it was great to see kids enjoying the work!

this is my bookwork displayed in the lockable gallery vitrines

the response to each set of instructions was very diverse!

My set of instructions to Vivien

Resulted in this response

The cover was cut out and the inside painted gold - it was wonderful!

What I received in the post!

I was one of lucky people to be picked for a copy of this beautiful book of images and poems by Cathy at November Moon - thank you so much Cathy it will be treasured!


Library cards

Now the bookwork for Sub(missive) is finished I'm taking part in Jeanne's (one day at a time)library card project you can read about it here and here - so now I am excitedly waiting for the postman to arrive with post from the USA - I love getting mail from the world outside this island! It is never a BILL!


Guerrilla knit - GONE!

Yes it's gone!
nothing there !!
- no comments, no pencils, no plastic bag, no knitted back rest - not a trace, not a thread, not a tiny bit of plastic - it is as if it never existed - does this smack of the local council's Parks department? Yep think so - so what now - well I'm going to join a knitting group and enroll others in the guerilla movement SO AS I CAN MAKE A MUCH BIGGER STATEMENT! And as to the Parks department - BANANAS!!!!
I wonder where my knittin is now? I feel a bit sad that my first foray into guerilla art came to such a NOTHING end!!


Sub(missive) bookwork FINISHED!

It's done and tomorrow I will hand it in! The exhibition is on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th March at Leeds University as part of the 12th International Artists Book Fair - I have offered to help install the work on Thursday morning, the private view is on Friday evening so more photos to follow. I feel quite excited to see how other participants have responded to their instructions! Now I am off to visit an old gardening friend for supper and a glass of wine - I feel I have earnt it this week!