When I went down to the woods........

I had all kinds of adventures.......

Yesterday was a terrific day spent with 2 friends visiting Bovey Tracey and the Devon Guild of Craftsmen where we had lunch and browsed around the shop and exhibition space.

But the main purpose of our visit was the 'Assemblage' art trail, curated by Karen Pearson, in Yarner Woods nearby - we wandered around the 2.5 km trail enjoying all the temporary artworks sited around the walk - it was a mild November day with a hint of weak sunlight that highlighted the work on show. Here are some of my favorite works.....
'A Colony of words' Mandy Beall 
 visitors were invited to take a clay word from Mandy's colony (of words not ants!)
'Tree time' Martin Procter 
This colour wheel based on the surrounding landscape by the painter Martin Procter with words from Philip Larkin ' Time is the echo of an axe within a wood' was just stunning
'Bundles of sticks' Peter Ward 
Several 'Bundles of sticks' by Peter Ward, who is also running workshops, were placed strategically around the trail - I loved their simplicity
'Bundle of sticks' Peter Ward 
this was not listed so I wonder if it was added by one of the visitors? 
Scavenger's Shelter (detail) Shelley Castle and Dave Ray 

This shelter really blended with the surrounding woodland and had a real indigenous feel to it - the gentle movement of the feathers in the light breeze gave it a temporary feeling

You can find out more HERE - and it is on next weekend if you want to visit



I've just done a screen printing workshop and really enjoyed the process - I chose this photo to make one piece of work
331, Newlyn Harbour 2012 
I also created a drawing on an acetate sheet which has a very fine tooth (you have to degrease it first with meths) - mark making with a mix of rotring ink and meths, soft pencil (5B), lip balm which creates a wax where the ink won't take, rotring pens and marker pens - you can then scratch and rub into the marks to distress them further - great fun!
The MA seems to be taking up a lot of my time, mainly on research and reading - it feels full time rather than part time at the moment.....