I've just done a screen printing workshop and really enjoyed the process - I chose this photo to make one piece of work
331, Newlyn Harbour 2012 
I also created a drawing on an acetate sheet which has a very fine tooth (you have to degrease it first with meths) - mark making with a mix of rotring ink and meths, soft pencil (5B), lip balm which creates a wax where the ink won't take, rotring pens and marker pens - you can then scratch and rub into the marks to distress them further - great fun!
The MA seems to be taking up a lot of my time, mainly on research and reading - it feels full time rather than part time at the moment.....


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wow, a screen printing workshop...I was lost with some of your descriptions but you sound as though you are liking the work!
I'm drawn to fabric...painting, bleaching and even stitching...great winter project as one leads to another and so on.

Louise Atkinson said...

Brilliant! I've started doing more printing now so perhaps we could swap tips? I've been photocopying onto acetate and scratching the toner away for example. I'll be writing more about it on my blog too x