Surface and depth ……

I am starting a new blog over on Wordpress HERE - this is to document my MA practice but I will be continuing with this blog too! I intend to use this blog for other creative reflections and ramblings - the more everyday moments that I pay attention to - maybe this will overlap but at the moment it seems pertinent to keep them separate.

I feel that I've neglected my own blog as well as those that I follow but now winter is here (the clocks just changed here in the UK) I am hoping to have more time for indoor pursuits like reading, blogging, being in the studio, watching films, cooking etc. etc.

I've just planted lots of bulbs in the garden as an affirmation of underground slow growth during these winter months and expectations of next spring blooms!

I've been thinking a lot about PLACE and working with images recorded on a one day mark making workshop at the Newlyn School of Art - it was a experimental and fun day spent down in Newlyn Harbour collecting visual information and then back in the studio making work.

I took lots of photos but seem to keep returning to my fascination with these posts.......


I am interested in the faded light at the top of this image – it is something to do with memory and how that fades, leaving certain aspects highlighted…..


like that ladder!

then there were the abstract marks!


I also made some rubbings – and so it goes on – the struggle is in making sense of it all – but then maybe ‘the struggle is the point’!


layers said...

I love your thought about memories... how they fade leaving certain aspects highlighted... memory has always fascinated me.

Cas Holmes said...

HI Rosie

Love your work and the fact we both share a love of collaboration. Thanks for the Japan comments by the way