The technician has finished changing my space - the window has gone and the wall exposed  - behind the partition will be the slide projection - that light has to go!!

Looking into the space from the entrance
 He's made a lovely job of boxing in the radiator so I now have an extra shelf for ???...........it's exciting to wonder how my installation will fit in the new space.

 I have been busy today up and down the ladder filling gaps in the boards and between the walls and ceiling and I'm exhausted!

Looking out of the entrance 
Now I'm ready to begin the painting - tomorrow's job!


Today's excitement!

 2 big parcels arrived

my runner up prize for my blog on Artist Newsletter Degrees Unedited - even the mountain of brown paper was exciting - thinking what I could do with it all! (apart from posting parcels that is!)

And this was inside - from the artist's material website Great Art - lots of art materials, an A1 cutting mat and knife, paper, sketch books, pencils, pens, pastels, spray fixative, artist magazine - and a lovely new box for all my art materials - and on top of all that a £50 token to spend at Great Art - Wow!!

Thank you to all the lovely people at Great Art and Artist's Newsletter - it feels like a good affirmation of my practice now the degree is almost over!



Start of the countdown to degree show

Degree show space at Royal William Yard 
Today I moved into the space I've been allocated for my degree show and have 2 weeks to get the space looking like I want it - which entails some building of partitions, blocking the window, making a narrower entrance and painting etc. the one technician has 77 students all wanting some kind of work done and all I can do is wait in the queue - meantime getting on with filling the space between the ceiling and wall and polyfilling and painting the back and right hand wall. I don't think I will be able to start thinking about the installation until the beginning of next week. Our assessment is 6-8 June but there is a 4 day holiday weekend prior to that when no university help is available so we've been told it's better to think of the deadline as Friday 1 June!
I'm feeling more chilled tonight because I've ticked 2 things off my to do list:
My professional portfolio is finished - although I have a website I've taken this opportunity to make a book of my work during the past 6 years - actually I started the degree course 7 years ago but took a year out when I moved down to the south west and went travelling in Australia - so this degree has become part of my life and it will seem very strange to have finished it!
I have made an 18 min video as part of my installation and today I got the media technician to help me loop it on a DVD so it will just constantly play during the exhibition - I'm glad I got help as it was really techie stuff in Final Cut and some compression software - It all went over my head!
I intend recording the preparation process during the next 2 weeks here on my blog as it will really help with the self evaluation we have to write for the assessment
So all in all a good start and a good day!



A short time ago I said I would be giving away a copy of the book 'The painting in the attic - an artist collaboration' to one of the participants. I wrote the 13 names on small pieces of paper, folded them up and placed them in a large envelope. Today I had a tutorial at university and asked my tutor Phil Power to pick a name out of the envelope - the name chosen was Marged Pendrell - congratulations Marged, you will be receiving an A5 soft cover copy of the book in the next few weeks.

Thank you to all who took part - and if you haven't done so already do go to the website HERE which tells you all about this project and the artists who took part.