Hello - I'm back at long last!

I can hardly believe it's a month since I posted anything - and I have NO excuse except feeling blue and somewhat blocked - what can I say that hasn't already been said by the very creative blogging community that would be of interest - you see I've been feeling just like this - rather gloomy!

- dragged through the mire and all washed up!! as if I don't have anything much to say at the moment. Kind of walled in with just small signs of colour and life !!

OH Dear!! I need to snap out of it quick!!

Perhaps it's the pressure of looming deadlines - the end of my 4th fine art degree year (part time it takes 6 years!!) is in a couple of weeks and all thinking has been aimed at getting my work ready - I've been told it is common to feel fed up and tired in the 4th year and it has certainly been the case for me - in fact I have enjoyed the projects I have been doing on my blog more than my college work! (sub)missive was a great experience and I really can't wait for Friday when I REVEAL my disintegration package here on my blog - it got a real soaking yesterday in the pouring rain - I did take a peep the other day and the insect life was in force - some very fat worms amongest other scurrying species!
Meantime I have been walking - covering 17 miles in Cumbria over 2 days - so at least my legs are fit! And yellow gorse shone on a drizzly misty day around Derwentwater on the first day......
When it stopped raining the next day there was a strange light which reflected my mood - this is where I was walking on the second day.......
For those of you who want to know more about social networking and how it can help in promoting your work as a maker/artist I really recommend looking at Tim Adam's blog found here and his free course here he also has a blog about blogging called Handmadeology - the science of the handmade. He really gives some helpful hints and advice

Do you know I have SO missed you all and your great comments- I've realised that what I give out I receive in blogland - so please say hello to me again even if it's to tell me off for being so gloomy and self absorbed!!