Sydney and Cockatoo Island

On the advice from Tess at Baldessin Press one of the first things I did on arriving in Sydney was to take the ferry across to Cockatoo Island - I am so glad I did!! I took a few hundred photos which I hope will inspire some future work here is a SMALL sample
And then of course I started getting down to the details.....................!!!

you can see where I'm going with this...............................!! No I'm not in a contemporary art gallery!!

Yes it was rust heavon again ................... I will be revisting again on my return to Sydney at the end of February as the William Kentridge installation that is there at the moment was not open the day I went and that I must see!!!


Happy Christmas everyone!

This is Grrl+dog's front door! - don't you just love her enormous RED decoration - the best in the street of course - it certainly makes a statement!
I wish all my friends, family and blog followers a very merry and happy Christmas and New Year 2010


Birthday celebrations Sydney style - a food post!!

It was my birthday and Grrl did me proud (thank you Grrl) taking me to 41 restaurant - as the name says it's on the 41st floor of the Chiefly Bldg in the middle of Sydney - there was fantastic company ..........Fantastic starter...... isn't it pretty! Kingfish and some sort of fish eggs that looked like a necklace!
Delicious main course - Sea trout sitting on baby peas, sorrel (the green swirl) and potato cake - the white is foam which apparently is all the rage at the moment and is certainly visually stunning on the plate.....
with a beautiful salad....
Not forgetting the view..... taken in the restroom (can you believe it!!)
It certainly has the WOW factor - and the wine from New Zealand was excellent - by the time we got to dessert, coffee, amaretto with ice and chocolates I'd forgotten about taking photos!!! It is a birthday I will always remember......


In Sydney but backtracking a bit

A couple of images of Thailand - Bangkok market and final destination in Koh Tao
I'm now in Sydney! It's hot and great!