Artist workshops and retreat

My good friend and artist Marged Pendrell is leading 4 different residential workshops this year, in a fantastic place on Anglesey in Wales. Marged and Helen are beautiful people and they come highly recommended - do have a look at their new website here! Please pass on this link and information if you know anyone who might be interested - Oh and please let them know that you saw the information on my blog if you or a friend book a place. The groups are small and will book up quickly!


Guerrilla knit deadline - LATE!

I'M A DAY LATE - I just made it to the park (Roundhay Park in Leeds) in time to put my plastic bag knit on my favorite bench - it was 5 o'clock and the light was starting to go so I had to rush - it's been one of those days (red traffic lights, 10 person queue in the post office - everything felt stuck - anything creative has been rubbish - and i mean RUBBISH- and ended up in the bin!) It was very quiet in the park no one around at all - I felt quite anxious - this is the 1st time I've participated in guerilla art - it felt clandestine and nerve racking - I think I need to put a few things in quiet places first and build up my confidence. I suppose it didn't help that I was doing it on my own - maybe I need to enroll some friends! I wanted the support that i get from the blogging community - HELP!

So here it is - I've added Seth's leave a note suggestion - I'll check back at the end of the week!


Walking, laughing at cows and reflections on process

This is where I walked today - not many of these old signs still around!

As you can see the sun came out - the light was marvellous and the wind of yesterday subsided - a lovely day to stretch my legs (and the rest of me!) Yorkshire really does have some great countryside

I sat eating my lunch, looked up and a line of 'striped' cattle were plodding across the field, what a sight! Apparently they are an old breed from Southern Scotland called Galoways - I have never seen a striped cow before - the little one in the middle was very engaging! And they made me laugh!!
I deleted a lot of photos when I got home as I have resolved to keep only the ones that matter and that doesn't mean they have to be a 'good' photo but it has to mean something to me - like these two - not very good photos but I like the images
I wondered, when I said I was going to take a day off yesterday, whether you ever really do this as an artist? Whatever I'm working on is my constant companion - yes I am relaxed about it and not doing work as such but I am aware of little seeds in the mind waiting for my body to relax and give them nourishment so they push the work up into the world - isn't that what is magic about being an artist! (and sometimes exhausting!) I take the camera on my walks too so always have my eye open for an image of course!!
I was also reflecting on what Jeanne said about not understanding the instructions for the bookwork (the last post comments) - I am not sure I understand whats happening fully myself - for now I am interpreting as best I can the instructions sent me from another participant. Questions are beginning to arise from other participants like 'who owns the work that is created'? I think the exhibition is going to raise lots of interesting comments and questions!


Having my cake and eating it!!

I've spent the day in the studio and progressed with the book work for sub(missive) - 3 more envelopes made from milk cartons, photos show back and front in the same order. If you remember i am following instructions here

I'll continue adding to them but feel quite satisfied with them at the moment.........

then I had a piece of cake with a cup of tea, which I made yesterday from Ann's (Wild somerset child) recipe - it is truly delicious - thank you Ann! (and I remembered to use self raising flour!!

I'm having a day off tomorrow and going walking as I am getting cabin fevor! I hope the wind dies down a bit though, its been a wild day today!


Sub(missive) continued........... book art and guerrilla stitch up parcel

this was what confronted me today ! the deadline for the bookwork sub(missive) project is 2 March and so much to do.......

Now I feel I've moved on and finished one envelope today - I haven't used my sewing machine for a while and it wouldn't work so I resorted to hand sewing which gives a different 'hemmed in' look to it! I have a 25 year old faithful Swiss Bernina so hope I can find someone to fix it !

and made a cover (Leslie you might recognise this?)
A friend lent me a typewriter and I've started another envelope which will contain a list of 'in' words more to follow in a week!

Now for something different - the lovely Grrl+dog sent me a parcel
all the way from Australia cos I got closest to the answer to her question about a guerrilla's first objective - read about it here... this is what she sent me (all yummy stuff -and no bananas!!)Rubber stamps 0-9
Distress ink pad - spiced marmalade (delicious)
orange tissuey paper
2 hand knitted squares with pom poms (perfect for a pommie!)
Kangaroo from the set of 'Australia'
Bunch of labels with colourful ties and great quotes
1950,s magazine sheets, old labels, admit 1 tickets and letter
A knitting book

Kangaroo fell out of the box exhausted after the long trip!!

Don't you just love these quotes?

Wow - I tell you I was gob smacked by her generosity! Thank you Grrl


Northumberland visit

She was hiding in the garden and getting rather cold!


4th folder, 4th photo, 4 tags........... and banishing housework!!!!

I've been tagged by Jo at Mystory - I keep all my photos on a portable external hard drive so I chose the 4th folder and this photo is the 4th one - taken in Bangladesh last year - as you can see I took the British weather with me!!! Now I have to tag 4 people so here they are

Ann at Wild Somerset Child

Louise at How to be an artist

Erin at Sculptress

Kate at this disordered life

Now I just want to share this with you - from the lovely Anna (Textile Artist) Thank you Anna I put it into practice immediately !!!


1. Open a new file in your PC.

2. Name it "Housework."

3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN.

4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN.

5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want To delete Housework permanently?"

6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press mouse button firmly......

7. Feel better?


Today's colour

peeping out at me!

but black and white yesterday thawing to a sludgy brown today!


a black and white day

I woke up this morning to a hushed world and SNOW - I took a PLAY DAY and went rambling in the local park with my camera - according to the news it's the most snow for 20 years and there's more to come tomorrow!