So is this the answer I wonder or just TOO extreme! I must say I am feeling more in sympathy with this artist at the moment! But I don't think I could go this far........


I have been packing up my studio this week and feeling frustrated by not being able to find anything anymore - how am I going to cope with this new MINIMALIST living for the next few months while I move myself down from the North of England to the South West and find a new home - the traveller in me has a real sense of freedom from accumulated stuff that I have let go of!! But how will I cope with the artist in me who wants this stuff to create works of art - hmmm - I need to learn from the land art I created and let go of in July - Seth has a marvellous sense of timing at The Altered Page and has just posted this on his blog about the artist Song Dong. There is a link to the artist's installation video here - It makes me feel tired just watching the video and I don't have that many helpers and a fork lift truck at my disposal!!!
I do not want to end up like this so as I said a very timely reminder! Thanks SethSong Dong Waste Not


Rambles in Wales

Here I am in North Wales again with my artist friend Marged who lives in the Snowdonia National Park - today we up near Beddgelert on the National Trust footpath at Craflwyn. It is close to the ruins of Vortigan's Hill Fort near Dinas Emrys. This is the land of King Arthur and legend has it that Merlin spent a lot of time at the fort...... in fact he lived there for a while. The ground is quite sacred! It was also the scene of a battle between the White Dragon of England and the Red Dragon of Wales - the Red Dragon won hence the Welsh flag!
Naomi Leake's sculpture 'Dresser' sits on the hillside - an empty standing dress with a copper bodice and stone cairn skirt - you can read more about her here
We carried on along the path and next was this enormous 'chair' made by the sculptor Dominic Clare
We had fun being children again..............
and this is what I was looking at .................
Oh and in case you were wondering I'm not 3ft tall but 5ft 7ins in fact!!!


Paint brush award

Dianne Poinski has given me this honour the very prestigious (my words!) 

Thank you Dianne!
I am now suppose to share 7 random things you may or may not know about me and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers. So here we go:
1. I am a Senior Citizen and have been for a few years ........now I really have let the cat out of the bag 
2. I have 5 daughters - rather excessive don't you think but believe me I've paid the price! oh and they are truly wonderful daughters and my very best friends! 
3. I was a single parent for a number of years when they were growing up 
4. One of my daughters lives in Bangladesh at the moment and works for the British Council - I miss her dreadfully even though her sisters keep me busy
5. I am studying for a Fine Art Degree (6 years part time) - something I wanted to do when I left school - but I had a family instead (very creative!!) and indulged my art through gardening, cooking, decorating and making their clothes (they now ask me why they looked like the children in Little House on the Prairie! I just loved Laura Ashley at that time)
6. I am moving from Leeds where I've lived for the past 6 years down to Plymouth (one of my daughters and 2 of grandchildren live here) to be near the sea.
7. I have been offered a place at Plymouth University to complete the last 2 years of my degree and am pretty excited at the thought of new artistic adventures there! 
(and an extra one - I come from Worcestershire - where the sauce comes from! That tells you alot doesn't it!!
So there it is - I find it interesting to read back what I chose to share with you quite spontaneously 
Now all there is to do is to pass the brush to 7 other bloggers and these are my choice
Dneese at Grrl and her dog who always makes me smile with her knitting adventures and general whackiness!
Jeane at Art It for her beautiful creations
Ann at Wild Somerset Child for her industry and wonderfully detailed posts 
BW at I love Black and White for her marvelous eye and beautiful photographs 
Blue Sky Dreaming - for being who she is and her icy hot journey !
India at Not all those who wander are lost for her creativity and travelling adventures 
And last but certainly not least Leslie at Textures, Shapes and Colour - because I find her work inspirational and just love it (I am lucky enough to have one of her collages!) 
I could go on because all the bloggers I follow are truly interesting people but 7 is what I've got!! I hope you will go to there blogs if you don't already know them, (and if you do already know them to) and have lots of fun there discovering more about them and what they get up to!