I have been packing up my studio this week and feeling frustrated by not being able to find anything anymore - how am I going to cope with this new MINIMALIST living for the next few months while I move myself down from the North of England to the South West and find a new home - the traveller in me has a real sense of freedom from accumulated stuff that I have let go of!! But how will I cope with the artist in me who wants this stuff to create works of art - hmmm - I need to learn from the land art I created and let go of in July - Seth has a marvellous sense of timing at The Altered Page and has just posted this on his blog about the artist Song Dong. There is a link to the artist's installation video here - It makes me feel tired just watching the video and I don't have that many helpers and a fork lift truck at my disposal!!!
I do not want to end up like this so as I said a very timely reminder! Thanks SethSong Dong Waste Not


self taught artist said...

i am going through the exact same thing! moving cross country here in america and i am a total minimalist in my personal life but my found object art life is boarding on hoarding. i HAVE to let go of so much and i too have to pack and move it myself...painful and feels like i'm letting go of income but i have to trust i will find more goodies in the new place.
good luck :)
that art installation should be redone using an ARTIST :)

Seth said...

It's all in the timing! Glad to have posted this when I did. It was an amazing exhibit and really means many different things to many different people!!