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MA Graduation Show,  Plymouth University, Mills Bakery, Royal William Yard, Plymouth 
10 - 19 July 2015
‘The challenge of using the space and creating, installing was brilliantly done. Your walk installations transformed the space, watching people interact with your work, walking the line or circling the light added to their energy’  
‘A Long Walk’ installation.
People were studying individual prints but in doing so bowed in reference to the qualities of each individual (print). There was a spiritual space, about a metre from the work where they stooped to look, a prayer wall, thought wall, feeling wall, or simply a diary or record of moments in time with nature. Lots of individual elements, but looking down the line, seeing the beginning of the journey and the distant end, the perspective playing with the angled prints and the linear repeating patterns of decaled edges of pristine paper, the whole and the sum of the individual parts only added to the spatial dimension of the work and the space it was within. The identity of one print was added to by the relationship with its neighbour sometimes close sometimes farther apart, the vertical prints vibrated, had a pattern, a signature, a beat. It is an infinite horizon line which if walked will continue to adapt and change to the responses to time and place’.

Richard Sunderland

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