Bath Society of Artists Annual Summer Exhibition

I was really pleased to learn today that both my prints have been selected for the Bath Society of Artists Summer show - this is the first time I have submitted work to this exhibition. And I have never been to the Victoria Gallery so I'm looking forward to the PV on Friday, with the 'great and good' of Bath.
The 2 prints I submitted were both from my final MA year. These prints are so difficult to photograph well I have never entered them for an exhibition as so often the first selection is from digital images. These are the best photographs I have of them but they don't really do them justice as the blind embossing textual detail is lost.

'Walking Moments' 3 collagraph prints from 'A Long Walk' - series of 60
The photograph above seems pale pink but it is white! The one below seems grey but is white apart from the central motif
' Waymarker' from a series of 6 - Collagraph
The 6 'Waymarker' prints were originally presented unframed at my MA show but of course that is not acceptable for an exhibition. I've visited several exhibitions to research ideas on presentation and settled on a deep box frame to give the print the depth I wanted. I would have liked to have used non reflective glass but again that was not allowed in the exhibition conditions. The six prints vary with the circle in a different position along a horizontal plane. The image above may not be the actual print I had framed but it was the only decent photograph of the series. 

It is amazing the difference it makes to the spirit to have some work accepted - I was a bit down last year after finishing the MA and wondering, after several rejections, why I was doing this! Everyone needs a bit of encouragement now and again!

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