A ramble in The Lake District

I've moved on again to visit my eldest daughter living near Cockermouth - we went on a beautiful 4 hour walk to Whinlatter Forest and up 2 Wainwright's - Lord's Seat and Broomfell and I saw the first snow this year when most of the folks here are sick of it!! There is still a bit left!

As some of you know I have been gadding about on the other side of the world in hotter climes - I am really feeling the cold back home although everyone keeps saying it is positively balmy now!! But it was beautiful with the shifting grey clouds moving across the mountains - it is wonderful to visit other countries and experience different cultures and to be reminded that I live in a beautiful country too! I want to do a lot more rambling around the UK this year and have more of this (a bit warmer would be welcome as well!!)


Exhibition visit

I have just been to Leeds Art Gallery and seen a powerful and exciting exhibition 'Between Kismet and Karma - South Asian Women Artists respond to conflict' One of my favorite pieces was 'Elastic Dress' in knitted elastic and red dye by the Columbian artist Anoli Perera

Nazia H Khan from Pakistan had exhibited some amazing metal bodices - click on her name to go to her website and see some of her beautiful work . I was also very inspired by a film 'The Last Rites' a heartbreaking and beautiful film about the Chittagong shipbreaking yards in Bangladesh. Yasmine Kabir is an internationally aclaimed and independent filmmaker based in Bangladesh. You can see some great stills and a synopsis of the film HERE. Part of my interest in this film was because I have visited the country and found it a fascinating place. One of my daughters has lived in Dhaka for the last 3 years and if she stays another year I hope to have the opportunity to go back there!
The exhibition is on until 9 May so if you are anywhere near Leeds do go and see it!