New studio in new house

The last few days I hsve been moving into my new house in Devonport, Plymouth. It is a new new house with no history as I am the first person to live in it! A first for me as I usually buy draughty old Victorian terraces - but not any more, this house is super insulated so I will be toasty warm in the winter with the lowest energy bills I've ever had!! I have room for a studio albeit smallish. All my stuff arrived yesterday out of storage where most of it's been for the last 18 months - I'd forgotten how much studio stuff (let alone kitchen stuff) I'd got - I felt overwhelmed confronting it this morning - the studio space looked like this..........

the kitchen was even worse but I won't go there!!

After a few hours hard work I managed to make some order of it all and left it looking like this1 Looks a lot better and in a few days I'm sure my space will be ready for the next project!

And I even made some inroads in the kitchen department!

I feel much happier tonight!


FAILURE got a First!

Can you believe it - today I heard that my dissertation project on FAILURE got a FIRST - not only that but the University has asked me for a copy for their archive. I am over the moon - not least because of the 22 artists who supported the project with their artwork - I will be contacting you all separately of course but meantime thank you so much for submitting work because without you all it would indeed have been a FAILURE. So what about my last post then? Well I must try harder to fail obviously! This failure thing is complicated! But I have rather fallen in love with the subject and I'm definitely not finished with FAILURE yet!

I have just moved into my new house in Plymouth - so a double celebration! I am so ready to be settled in one place again - I will be spending the next few weeks unpacking boxes and setting up a small studio space. Meanwhile I have been mooching about taking photos of what I am calling 'found sculptures' - things I come across that seem to have a sculptural quality but are not defined as 'sculptures'. Not sure where this is leading but here are a couple from my BLUE BEACH series.........