Today's excitement!

 2 big parcels arrived

my runner up prize for my blog on Artist Newsletter Degrees Unedited - even the mountain of brown paper was exciting - thinking what I could do with it all! (apart from posting parcels that is!)

And this was inside - from the artist's material website Great Art - lots of art materials, an A1 cutting mat and knife, paper, sketch books, pencils, pens, pastels, spray fixative, artist magazine - and a lovely new box for all my art materials - and on top of all that a £50 token to spend at Great Art - Wow!!

Thank you to all the lovely people at Great Art and Artist's Newsletter - it feels like a good affirmation of my practice now the degree is almost over!



Liz Davidson / Artist Notebook said...

This is great Rosie, like you, I don't know which I would be more excited about, the wrapping or the goodies. Have fun with both.

Anonymous said...


a great bonanza of stuff to play with. Has it really been that long?

Well done on finishing...

Rob Stephen (aka Ben D Gedig) said...

Hi Rosie,

I see you did what I did – took a photo of your winnings! I've spent so long using a stylus and a graphics tablet, it'll be interesting trying to draw with "normal" media. ISn't it weird that we should both have won something? (cue spooky music)