As promised the final lino print

I had this ready to post 3 weeks ago and guess what - my 5 year old Sony digital camera and trusty friend got very sick - I have been told it is not worth mending but I am loath it throw it away - how I hate this throw away society! But I think I have to accept that it has now died and that I need a new one! I am looking at replacing it with a Canon G11 - has anyone got one and can recommend it? I want a compact camera that can do what an SLR can do - I know this is impossible but I keep looking!!

Anyway I finally printed this image in an edition of 10 - of which this one is the best! 'Dartmoor gorse in May'
As I said in my last post it was a reduction linocut - and this is what remained of the lino itself- not much as you can see - a few stalks at the bottom. I really liked the process and will do another one even if it does take forever!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The last printing just made this pop! I too like this process...plenty of time between printing. So final!
Let me know how you like your new camera...I'm shopping too!

Cathy Cullis said...

I love the texture of a lino cut surface, lovely work. Thanks for your comment on my monoprinting post. I 'approved' it for putting on the site but for some reason blogger seems to have hidden it for now - I hope it shows up. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy your printing experiments.

annell said...

I have always enjoyed linouts. This is very nice! Thank you.