Time flies, days wing past
moments wet, sodden, closed
swing, change, pass by
white clouds sail, green breeze, sunlight


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The Kahlil Gibran words are perfectly beautiful as well as this post and photo!

Dianne Poinski said...

Love the image and the poem. Thanks for sharing that!

layers said...

I wonder if this hole is manmade or natural? that TS Eliot quote on the sidebar is one of my favorites.

lynda Howells said...

I love your photography, your images are wonderful. I also take hundreds of imges and use a lot in my art. Glad l found you. waving from Londonx lynda

A rambling rose said...

Hi and thank you for your kind comments
Blue Sky - I used to write alot of haiku many years ago and it's great to be doing it again - it works well with photography I feel
Donna - I don't know if the hole is natural -I would say not! I love that quote too
Lydna - nice to meet you and a wave back from Devon