Weaving webs.....

Last week after several days rain I was rambling up on Dartmoor with my camera and found hundreds of webs strung across the gorse bushes - glistening with dew jewels!


Some were as large as 18 inches wide and how far the nest penetrated into the gorse I could only guess - the spider just disappeared down the tunnel at high speed when the camera came out!


I was fascinated both by the beauty and the strength of the structures - some of these dewdrops were quite large!




I am still getting to know my new camera (Canon G11) so these were taken on auto - once I get to grip with where all the manual controls are I will be experimenting - meantime I am very happy with the image quality!


Jeane said...

beautiful creations aren't they! you've captured them wonderfully :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The amazing weight of water...and still this web holds! Great photo!

Wild Somerset Child said...

Stunning pics, and I love those rocks as well.

Thanks for leaving a comment; it's good to keep up with blogging friends and I am remiss at having stayed away.

Enjoy your camera. A

grrl + dog said...

I want to see the reflection of the camera in the dewdrop!

Annie said...

Great shots. Something about the dew this time of year seems to hold onto the silk.

mansuetude said...


femminismo said...

These photos are lovely! Such a wonderful place to observe. You lucky blogger, you!