On Kawara and another participant

Last Wednesday my tutor gave me feedback from the interim assessment and suggested researching the work of On Kawara -  now I've found out that he currently has work at the Baltic and guess what - I am going up to Leeds in a few days for the Artist's Book Fair, so a trip across to the gallery in Gateshead is possible! I am hoping that I will get to participate in his project there - you can find out more about his project HERE .  This has led me to more thoughts about time and the significance of dates which seems so pertinent to participants in my collaboration 'Painting in the attic' - particularly this one, received this week from another participant, artist Liz Smith

all of this in the same week - incredible!

1973 Liz Smith
1988 Liz Smith 
2012 Liz Smith

 Just last week I read the first few lines in Milan Kundera's 1984 book, the Unbearable Lightness of Being - "The idea of perpetual return is a mysterious one, and Nietzsche has often perplexed other philosophers with it; to think that everything recurs as we once experienced it, and that the recurrence itself recurs ad infinitum!  What does this mad myth signify?".

These words seem to reflect perfectly the situation I find myself in with my current project which is bringing together (ok, synthesising!) transitional objects, Florence Muriel, the dolls, value systems, domestic work, memory triggers on, and on and on and on.  "aha - ad infinitum - infinity - just what I was thinking!"

So here are some drawings - "automatic drawings",  (I must learn to use correct phraseology!)  just scribbles really! and, with their uncovering, memories have surfaced, memories of the precise relationships in my life at the times when the pen met the paper, and maybe also showing how little "the real me" has actually changed over the years!

Anyway enough philosophising - they are just "doodles" after all....?


JafaBrit's Art said...

sounds so interesting, and I am jealous you are going to my hometown.Look forward to hearing more about it.

Jane said...

fascinating Rosie and the project at Baltic sounds fab! He looks just to be up your street, looking forwrd to hearing more on Friday!

femminismo said...

Sounds so interesting! I love finding old doodles and notes and beginnings of stories I've put down on paper. "Was that really mine?" I ask myself. haha. I know it was. Only maybe a slightly different me. :)

Rosie Kearton said...

Thank you Jafa, Jane and Jeanne (now there must be a song in that!!) Unfortunately I didn't get to Gateshead as the readings were fully booked and didn't want to go all that way just to see 2 people sitting and reading dates in a booth - I wanted to take part so was dissapointed! But I had a fab time at the Leeds Book Fair etc......etc......

Marjojo said...

I wanted two write 'I hope you did get to read at the Baltic' but, alas, you didn't. Still, you were invigorated by knowing about the project, by making links to your own work. I love it when that happens. And you've got such fascinating entries for your 'Painting in the Attic' collaboration - thrilling to see.