paper boats

It's been a strange day - rather unfocused, not sure what to get on with in the studio - seem to have lots on my mind  - anyway I've made another 10 paper boats... I intend making 50 to represent the age of the painting 'man in a boat' - I am using old envelopes - containers/vessels of news and all the other stuff of life over the years - giving the old form a new life, and like an archaeologist's trowel, excavating and archiving the original meanings for my own use and recollection.  

Then I put some work into the collaboration by starting another blog HERE and getting ready for the book which will be published from the blog. Finally before supper I went into the garden to do some more planting! I want to be outdoors in the garden more than in the studio these days but I really must balance the time in order to get everything ready for the degree show in June.


jane said...

Lovely rosie, paper boats! How beautiful! Thank you at the end of an anxious day x

Jeane said...

your process intrigues me!!and these paper boats - thrilling in so many ways xo