Walking bliss

2 days on the coastal path at Zennor in Cornwall - a magical little hamlet with the myth of mermaids, a fascinating museum, good pub and hostel accomodation in an old chapel - and the sun shone!

I stopped here to listen for seals 

Look at the colour of the sea - you'd think you were in the mediterranean!

 And I'm still photographing stones 

the carved mermaid chair in St Senara's Church, Zennor 


Jennifer said...

What a delightful and mystical walk this looks to be. Thank you for sharing it!

David Manley said...

I love Zennor...and I once saw the artist film maker Steve McQueen walking just outside the village!

layers said...

Hi Rosie, walk a stunning walk to go on... I have been to London and Scotland and would like to return some day and go up to Ireland and even Cornwall. Thank you for leaving supportive and wonderful comments at my blog posts as I deal with my health and artist block.