Drawing group

This weeks exercises were a lot of fun working to some extent quite differently for me ( although I am known for my love of ripping work). Richard gave us 6 small squares of paper and asked us to make 3 quick gestural marks with a large 1inch brush in black ink/ paint - we kept one and put the others in a group pile from which we selected 5 - we then fitted them together ramdomly and glued them down on a sheet of white paper

We were asked to use charcoal to draw the design - I bent the rules by using the window as a light box and tracing the image (using compressed charcoal)

For the next exercise we selected a cardboard shape and made similar gestural marks first in black then white

These were then all piled together in a large sculptural form and we selected a section to draw

Since then I've continued with the exercise and torn the cardboard into smaller sections - there are so many exciting configurations - these are a few

Now to do some drawings!


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