Land Art in Anglesey, Wales DAY 1

I have been rather late in posting my adventures during the 4 day Land Art workshop at the Creative Arts Retreat in Anglesey - it is now 3 weeks ago and the time has been taken up with daughter visits. At last a breather and a chance to show you what I was up to with Marged and Helen, our tutors, at Brynddu (the name of the beautiful house) - the weather was fantastic and most of the time was spent out of doors, in the walled vegetable garden gathering our vegetables and fruit for supper, in the woods and on the beach - more idyllic is not really possible if you combine this with making ART!!

Here are some photos of what I created on the FIRST day, from the beach debris - dried stalks of seaweed with some wonderful textures.

writing on the wall!!
The photos are all that is left of the art work plus a few pieces of seaweed for my collection. I will post up Day 2 tomorrow!


notmassproduced said...

i love the colours and textures - very inspiring

lynne h said...

ohhhh, yes!!

i was wondering when this post would show up and what we'd see. : )

Annie said...

The writing on the wall.....just love these shots. I love it when one material takes on the character of another - these seaweed branches remind me of old weathered iron gates.

Char said...

gorgeous!! love the shots - glad you had a great time

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Such an amazing combinations of textures...the fourth and fifth photo show the full length of this work!! I love the idea of it being washed or swept away...in the moment...thank you for sharing.

JafaBrit's Art said...

This is just wonderful!