Wonderful exhibition

I was passing Leeds Art Gallery and popped in on the advice of my daughter to see the current exhibition - I was completely knocked out by this painter's work (which is rare for me with painting) and just by chance noticed that he was giving a talk on his work that evening - so I went to it - last night. I am fascinated by the processes of other artists and this was not a disappointment. I bought the catalogue and even had it signed by the artist - Hughie O'Donoghue - I have struggled to find anything about this painter's work on the internet - the best I could come up with is HERE - he works in Southern Ireland and has been painting for 30 years! Although I am not a painter I felt such a connection between what we were both trying to say in our work. I can't understand why his work is not more recognized in the world! I wish I could share more of his beautiful paintings which incorporate photography.
It is rare indeed to find someone who has been working for so long and is a Royal Academy artist with virtually no information or images on the internet!
It has started me wondering...............wandering.............. !!!


Char said...

it is always wonderful to find a connection like that

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, No, Just the one painting? I like the piece very much and would love to see how he incorporated the photography as well as seeing more of his work...does he have a website?
Isn't is wonderful to find another artist such as you did and connect to his work!

A rambling rose said...

thank you Blue Sky you prompted me to research further and of course it would have helped if I got his name right! Apologies! See my new post!!
thank you too Char - you are right it is both wonderful and rare!


Wonderful work, thanks for sharing!