A FANTASTIC new bag!!


This is arrived in the post today and I just LOVE it!! It is of course for my travels!!


When I left my part time job at the beginning of September the lovely people there gave me a gift token to spend on Amazon. I have been researching the perfect bag for my travels!! The perfect bag had to not just be a padded camera bag but take art materials too! And I didn't want a bag that was an obvious camera bag. So I eventually found this range of Earth Explorer bags - made by Boden for National Geographic it has lots of great features - it will carry my camera safely in a detachable padded pocket, sketchbook, pencils and pens and a water bottle and even has a back pocket for documents/passport etc. You can see reviews and further details HERE - it's made of hemp so is also environmentally friendly too - what more could I ask for? It feels really strong which is good because it will be lugged around Thailand and Australia for a few months - I can't wait to pack it with my gear and go off exploring - maybe I will take a short day trip somewhere very soon!! If my Aussie blogging friends have any advice on what else to bring please let me know!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a perfect bag. The memories it will carry - to look forward to that!

Jo Horswill said...

Great bag Rosie...looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne :)

Wild Somerset Child said...

This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for - you deserve commission for promoting this! You will have such marvellous travels with this on your shoulder, and what fun to list the things you want to pack.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I really like this bag...love the padding on the shoulder strap. Wow, your travel companion...good choice. Yes, try it out for a day..a maiden voyage.

nancy neva gagliano said...

can you be my new personal shopper? great bag, happy trails ahead!!

femminismo said...

Thailand?! Sounds wonderful to be traveling places like this. I am going to Detroit, Mich., for a short stay for business. Won't go very far from the airport. But I will be traveling! I'll pretend I'm on my way to Amsterdam!!!

Jeane said...

over the moon and beyond! - it's fabulous! it will look even better after your travels - will have that wonderful worn in look and if you are like me, things will be written on the outside because I can never find paper when I need it or because I was bored I would draw on it or paint on it or make a map on it - a blank surface is a dangerous thing :)

A rambling rose said...

Lesley - I love the idea of it carrying memories!
Jo - looking forward to seeing you to!
Ann - lovely idea to make a list - watch a post for my list and photo of it packed and ready to go!
blue sky - taking it out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park next week for maiden voyage!
Nancy - don't think I'd make a very good personal shopper as don't like shopping!!
Jeanne - good travels!
Jeane - how creative you are - I'd thought about it being worn and a bit tatty but writing and drawing on it is a great idea - I will get others on my travels involved too and it will be a great souvenir !

Amelia said...

This looks fantastic! Wish I was going on some travels too, but instead I am swapping and doing postal travels and dreaming!

I will get one of these one day and enjoy your travels!