More from the Venice Biennale 2009

As promised here is more work that I enjoyed at the
Venice Biennale in September
Hans-Peter Feldmann's Installation
there was a long table covered with rotating figures - figurines, dolls, toys, with lights behind them, projecting their spinning shadows onto a white wall about 20' long. The shadows merge and it's difficult to tell which one is which - it's magical and dreamlike and also quite scary!
You can read more about this artist HERE
I really wanted to put this on my sidebar does anyone know how to do this without going through the Youtube option?


Jeane said...

this is the third or fourth time I've been back to look at this - what an amazing installation and I love your new header - as far as putting the video in the sidebar?, I use a site called vTools to put my videos on the sidebar - I can make them smaller but I still have to get the code from utube :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great video...truly mesmerizing! Making magical and dreamlike images in the artists own way...very intimate about this one.

Art said...

I like the new header as well. The video is lovely, but more like a nightmare than a dream!

layers said...

thanks for sharing more of the Venice Biennale-- I would love to go some year. Also, I just returned from Kyoto Japan and could have used that neat looking bag!


Your new header is amazing! Thank you for sharing this great video!

willow said...

Yep, I use v tools, too, for videos. Love it.