Julie Arkell workshop

While i was visiting Grrl+dog in Sydney - Just by chance (and because I’m nosy!) I spotted a catalogue from a Julie Arkell exhibition on her bookshelf – to cut a long story short this happened…………………….


Grrl did the knitting of course!


i left her with Grrl to remember me by! I think she’ll be very happy there!!

Then this – the middle long thing!!!


which Grrl instantly named and don’t think I can repeat here!

the sticky mess spread throughout the house and into the back yard – our creativity flowed!! i had such a fun time with her!


femminismo said...

What a lovely outfit on this grrrrl. Love the green knit cap, but the dress/apron is a hit too. (I'll bet I can guess what Grrl might have called that long thing in the middle.) I love the comment on travel on your sidebar. I will concentrate on other things than arrival.

Ro Bruhn said...

Dnese certainly is a card, I can image what she said. She's very entertaining.

Jacky said...

I love these quirky dolls of Julie Arkell's and this one you made (in collaborations with Grrl) is wonderful. That little knitted hat really tops her off well.
Sounds like a fun day...hope that dog didnt get all sticky too!


Fantastic! Thanks!