Celebration of LIFE…………

Last week a former colleague and friend died suddenly in his early sixties of a heart attack – it was a shock as he was seemingly healthy and robust! Bryce Taylor a Co-Director at the Oasis School of Human Relations was one of those people you are glad to have known in your life. He was full of life, a bear hugging man who always had time for you – he played a significant part in my own personal development and was forever working on his own! He helped and supported me (and many many others) through several of life’s crisis’s.

Today was his funeral – 1 April and April Fool’s Day – and I feel sure he was laughing as he always knew the importance of THE JOKER!!! I could not attend the funeral 300 miles north of my new home in Devon so I went to one of my favorite beaches at Wembury.


and of course Bryce  being Bryce and having a special spiritual connection ordered SPECIAL weather – in a week of wintery cold, wet rainy days the SUN shone, the birds sang and I felt blessed to be alive! It was truly a beautiful and peaceful way to remember what Bryce had given me and to indulge in my memories of him


I built a cairn of stones (each one a memory added to the next) where the tide would take it away later in the day!


I collected some heart shaped stones and placed them around the base along with a cross of 2 stones.


Some seaweed for writing – again to be washed away by the tide


A pinkish heart stone placed on some black burnt charcoal found on the beach…………

It felt good, right and even joyful to say goodbye to Bryce in this way………



I then walked on along the beach and rocks looking for something as a memory of the day and Bryce himself – this is what I found


the markings on this driftwood are beautiful and I remembered the time in a group facilitation session with Bryce using a Native American talking stick (whoever holds the stick cannot be interrupted while they are talking to the group!) - so guess what I will be using it for?


Tomorrow I move into my new home – SO - a beginning and an ending!


jeane said...

a beautiful and meaningful tribute Rosie :)

Wild Somerset Child said...

What a wonderful way to remember your colleague. And even though the tide will wash away the cairn and the heart-stones, you will still have your photos, your memories, and the talking stick.

And all the best in your new home; I will look forward to learning all about it on your blog.

Ro Bruhn said...

Some people die younger than others but live life more than most. What a great way to remember your friend, a celebration of life.

grrl + dog said...

sounds like you did him proud.

And had beautiful images so we cam all wish him farewell