A 'RED' day

I have lacked focus during my walks and there hasn't seemed any connection to the images I have come home with - so yesterday I decided to give myself a challenge - a word to focus on - I saw 'RED' (so to speak) !! As soon as I left the gate!

And then saw these!
The beautiful camellias just outside my front gate are quickly fading but other plants are just beginning!

Red really does SHOUT out in contrast to surrounding colours!
Can you see it? A faint blur in the sky - I just wasn't quick enough to capture the RED helicopter above!
Then a soft red!
And red in the most unexpected places!

Leaves turning a glorious red.......

Yes - I've finally seen the light

I wonder what tomorrow's word or colour will be!


layers said...

It is amazing what our eyes can see when we really stop and focus and live in the moment-- this is what I have been learning in my quest for my Japanese heritage- the zen of the moment.

lynne h said...

wonderful, rosie!

Annie said...

I've tried this to get my writing moving in unexpected ways, so I know how much fun it can be. I once came home very late from a gig one gently raining night in the Summer and coming up the hill from the station huffing and puffing with all my gear, there was a red snooker ball at the top of the hill, poised as if for a fast run into town. I brought it home and look at it every day as I do the washing up.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Creating personal challenges is genius...a way to ignite eyes and heart...love the red lantern and red leaves.