A ‘black and white’ day

I’ve had a couple of days feeling rather low, Still a lack of focus and not much energy for anything. A creative block? Had all that RED drained me - was it a danger sign? I mooched about wondering what to do with myself and finally went out for a walk! I found myself looking at white …………….


the hawthorn blossom is splendid at the moment but then we are now in May!


A glance in my direction but her back was soon turned on me!


I then noticed black – obviously my mood was affecting me!! I felt small, a little lost and alone!

DSC00259 DSC00248

“Well just look at me then” this ewe seemed to empathize my self doubt but it made me laugh at myself! Hmmm…..

but then‘black and white’


Finally my sprits soared when this kite appeared in the dark grey sky !


And a moment later the sun came out in a blue sky – colour and light were back in my life!


I feel much better now and tonight I’m going to have some yummy rhubarb crumble I made earlier (with creme fraiche) and watch a DVD - ‘Conversations with my gardener’ A French film which I think will suit my mood! Tomorrow is another day……………

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Char said...

glad you're feeling better - enjoy the movie.