I'm still working on the first plate but I have started a second one with a simple etching - quite small 7cms x 19.5 cms from the tree series - this is the coolibah tree - the trunk of the tree is dark and gradually the branches become paler and can be quite white at the top of the tree! From the dark earth to the light in the sky - the tree is very symbolic!Next I applied the first aquatint which was not the depth I wanted........... and I really wanted to lose that horizon!
the plate was subsequently treated to both a further hard ground and a soft ground and another aquatint ........... this is near to what I wanted!
all trial and error - meantime I'm learning lots! Please click on the images to enlarge them - I really must get a scanner as it is difficult to get a good reproduction with the camera!


Char said...

i really like how it turned out

lynne h said...

wow, rosie... i love it... i hope jo sees this... : )


SKIZO said...


Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Excellent work and in-progress photos. I love trees too :-)

A rambling rose said...

Thank you all for your encouragment - I've a long way to go to master these techniques but I'm enjoying the process

Lyrically speaking said...

love your page, truly inspiring