Light drawing

This is my entry for a drawing exhibition on the theme of SPEED in Artspace at Plymouth University in January 2012

I found the brief quite hard but then remembered this photograph and it seems to sum up my attitude towards the digital age and the difficulties of keeping up with technology - 'running with the light' so to speak!! 
This is the brief

We live in a fast-paced world. Everything seems to move more
rapidly all the time. Things happen more quickly, we move about more quickly and
life changes more quickly than it did in previous generations. Many, if not all, aspects
of the society we live in – transportation, technology, media, scientific discovery,
even the rate at which cultural trends recycle themselves – are affected by this
apparent speeding up of life. How do artists respond to this? By meeting it head on,
jumping into the stream? Or by slowing down, standing to one side to observe and
reflect from a distance as the pace of life increases. Is it as simple as that, as adopting
one position or the other?

Technically it's not a drawing of course but I feel that the camera is an extension of the hand and can be used much like a pencil - what do you think? How would you respond? Perhaps you could post something on your blog? I'd love to hear your comments. My intention is to enlarge it as near to the maximum size specified for the exhibition 50cms x 70cms - I will have to take some advice on this as I'm never sure of image enlargements - so much technical information to learn these days!! 
Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you many creative adventures in 2012

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Annie said...

I love it when the camera starts drawing! The colours are great in this one and I like how there's a bit of stop and start to the yellow stream.

Wishing you lots more creative adventures in 2012. Happy new year. Ax