Art intentions 2012

There's no escaping them if I publish them here! (Based on a 5 day working week) and in no particular order..............

Complete Fine art degree in June
Take part in the Leeds International Artist's Book Fair in March
A photograph a day - this is today's a tiny feather on the beach - plus a new blog header image!

A drawing a day (doodles acceptable) - this is my sea drawing with a new Pentel brush pen I've never used before - I rather like it but the marks are very different to my usual pen/pencil so I need to practice.

A studio practice structure to the week which is flexible to allow for good walking days!
A weekly blog post
An end of day reflection, what's worked, not worked and things to do tomorrow.
Read one art book a month
Visit at least one exhibition a month
Submit work to at least 4 exhibitions during the year
Review this list quarterly to keep on track

I'd love to hear all your intentions for the year ahead - wishing you all many creative adventures!


Annie said...

Hi Rose. I'm very impressed with your list. It's interesting to read so many aims after my own post the other day talked about slowing down and making space!! The aim I like best is "A studio practice structure to the week which is flexible to allow for good walking days!" As you know, too much time indoors makes my work fall dead. Wishing you lots of interesting walks this year. I just noticed it stayed lighter a bit longer today.....good to see that!! Happy new year. Ax

Jeane said...

wow! this is a very ambitious list! a very commendable list! mine seems so feeble, 'show up' everyday, but I guess it is all relative! will be so happy to see you here on a regular basis - yea! for us! xo

Leslie Avon Miller said...

being gentle with myself. following the muse, where ever she takes me.
I love the idea of a photograph a day....perhaps I can add that in. happy new year!

Dianne Poinski said...

Happy New Year Rose! I am inspired by your list! My intention is to try and simplify what I do - but I did add a "photo a day" to my list.

A rambling rose said...

thank you Annie, Leslie Ieane and Diane - I wrote these for myself to keep me focused but there is something rather wonderful about putting intentions out there to others/the world - friends support is so very valuable

lynne h said...

rosie, jeane just said what i was thinking! everything except that i think it's good that you're going to allow for good walking days in the studio. very important!


A rambling rose said...

HI Lynne - they are only intentions!! I don't forget how fond of FAILURE I am!!!

layers said...

I love all your 'intentions'-- I like that word better than our word "resolutions".. I have not been able to think much though about any of that for my new year.. I had to hit Jan. running to paint for my upcoming gallery show in February. wishing you much creative happiness in the new year.

Lesley B. said...

Just wanted to say I admire your stamina and commitment to your art practise. Hope you achieve your impressive list of intentions