Collaboration - 3rd participant's 'painting under the bed'

Rob Steven otherwise known as Ben D Gedig painted this when he was 17 and then forgot about fine art for 35 years. He thought he had burnt all his early artwork but his cousin used this under his mattress for a bad back so it returned to him many years later. He is now in the last year of a part time Fine Art Degree 
(Ben D Gedig is a divison of Man in The Street Enterprises – a wholly owned subsidiary of Rob Stephen)

several other people have expressed interest in taking part and I will be talking about the project in the group tutorial session tomorrow at university - looking forward to hearing what others think!

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Marjojo said...

Hey Rosie, you've got me quite excited with this little project. I've re-discovered my earliest piece of crochet at my brother's house last year (no drawings or paintings survived) and am writing up a little text. Have asked my brother to photograph the thingemy - will e-mail you when I've got it all together.