An invitation to participate in my new project

The painting in the attic’ – a visual art collaborative project

Last year I initiated a collaborative project on the theme of ‘Failure’ which resulted in an artist’s book and also formed the dissertation for my Fine Art degree which I complete this year. I enjoyed the process so much and learnt a lot from it so I have decided to send out an invitation to submit work for a new collaborative project I am calling ‘The painting in the attic’ – I hasten to add that this is not just about painting but includes all visual artworks.


Recently, a painting I had made around the age of 16 years came back into my possession after hanging in my parent’s home for many years and standing wrapped up in storage for a few more! I have no memory of painting it and have been curious to delve deeper into how it relates to my life now. I am recording my responses using different processes but not painting, at least not at the moment. I am not a painter and only used oils when I was at school. But the medium is only one way of looking at it and during reflection I have realised that it has a deeper connection than I initially thought! But more about that later! There is more information on older posts about both projects

The brief 

Many artists talk about the influence of childhood passions and the impact of this creativity in later years.

“It takes a very long time to become young.”  Picasso

Take a photograph of an artwork you created as a child or young adult and submit a jpeg image (maximum 800 pixel width) and write not more than 100 words on the significance of this artwork in your life now, does it connect to you, the way you work or how you see the world? Or you may feel it has no significance at all. It can be a story or as conceptual as you like, in the form of a poem, a piece of prose, or just random words.  
Deadline for entries – 4 February 2012.  You will be informed if you have been selected by the end of February.

Please send the image and words as an email attachment with your name and contact details and Collaboration in the subject box - you can email me by clicking on 'about me' at the top of the right hand sidebar and then on the left is a link to my email address. 

The works submitted will be selected for an artist’s book/s. This will be documented as a PDF and participants will receive a copy by email. One artist, picked at random from names in a hat, will receive a hard copy of the book. 
I will also be posting responses here on my blog with a link to your blog if you have one.
I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and I do hope you will join me in this collaboration. I feel really excited about receiving all the responses. Meantime if you'd like any more information please email me or make a comment here.  


Caroline Gill said...

What a fascinating idea. Sadly most of my early artwork (the remaining remnants) is currently in storage and out of range due to house moving ... but I will watch this space. Thanks to Seth for leading us here.

U:1 Artist Collective said...

i dont hav any work from my childhood only some stuff from my A level art.