Collaboration - 1st participant

I've decided to post the images from the participants for 'Painting in the Attic' here on my blog with a sidebar link to their websites or blogs.
I received the first today from Lesley Bricknell who has reversed the brief and sent words about her childhood and an image of current work which she feels links to those earlier days - please feel free to do this - the more creative you are with your entries the better! I have also had a few people contact me who for various reasons have no art work from their childhood - it's led me to think that Lesley's approach would be a different way to contribute to the project! The final book could also use this concept - lots to think about - I am intrigued with how ideas change and develop depending on the input of others...would love to hear your comments and any other ideas........

‘Back to black’ - Lesley Bricknell

I am so looking forward to getting more entries and hoping they don't all come at once - if they trickle in during the next few weeks I will be able to show you how the project is developing 

Now I just have to learn how to list everyone on the sidebar - bear with me please! 

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notmassproduced said...

Hi Rosie....u've won the little zig-zag book :) if you can send me ur address I'll post it to you.....good luck with ur project..u've made me realise that i don't have any artwork from my childhood..not from the early days anyway...but i have lots of nice memories of making things with my Mum and my aunt. x