Extended deadline for collaborative project

I am extending the deadline for  the 'Painting in the attic' collaborative project until the end of February as a few people are having difficulty locating their childhood artwork.
Lucy Fisher, one of the participants, has realised that she barely uses colour in her present practice in spite of loving colour when she was younger - the connection with this early work has led to the realisation that she is afraid of using colour now.

Lucy Fisher - Painted butterfly roughly age 8, Flower painting, GCSE exam, age 16
3 abstracts on white – Art Foundation, age 19 
Meantime the scraping away of the painting's surface continues slowly. I will post some more photos soon.

At the moment I'm busy making blank books for the Leeds Artists Book Fair in March and feeling rather downhearted that I have not developed this part of my practice in the way I wanted to, after taking part last year! What happened and where has the time gone I ask myself! Then I remember that I have moved house, set up a new studio and that the fine art degree course takes up a lot of my time, even though it is part time. Nevertheless there is life after the degree to consider and making artist's books is one of the ways I would like my practice to develop. So I'm looking forward to taking part again, meeting other book makers, being inspired, coming away with lots of ideas that I want to develop once my degree show is over in June!


bridgette said...

WHat a great idea! Let me see what I have... Thanks for the invitation!

bridgette said...

Hi Rosie- hope all is well. I sent you some images for the Painting in the Attic a bit ago. Thanks again!