The grand finale - it's over!

THE GRAND FINALE  (the opening of my degree show) has been and gone and I have spent the last week oscillating between relief at having finished and sadness that it has finally come to an end. Those of you who have been following this blog for sometime will know that I started this degree 7 years ago - a 6 year part time course with one year out when I moved from Leeds down to Plymouth. It has become part of my life so the transition to not studying will be strange - it's going to leave quite a hole but I have it in the back of my mind to maybe do an MA in a couple of years (am i mad?) - we'll see - but I am keen to get my art practice established now - Most of all I will miss the feedback and support of my peers and tutors, the group and individual tutorials and hope I can, in due course, find some kind of substitute structure. Writing this blog has been really valuable and rewarding and it has not always been about the degree but much wider interests - I look forward to posting about all sorts of creative adventures in the future. 
My degree show was an installation which I titled 'It hung over the bed' - a forensic investigation based on the trial in March. I presented the scraped painting on an easel with a magnifying glass.

 I included a table of tools and instruments, a chair with white coat, a shelf with a collection of the residue pigment in 6 glass bottles and fragments from the framing.

It also included a wall of photographs, details of the painting and I think this was the weakest part of the installation. I made 50 paper boats and placed one of my business cards in each one for visitors to take away (really popular) The blog book of the artist collaboration 'The painting in the attic' was displayed with my professional portfolio. I included a comments board for people to add to the collaboration and will post these on my other blog at the end of the show on 28 June.
On reflection I think my degree show was too busy and that I needed to edit it even more - but this will give me something to think about in terms of how I present this work in the future - I don't feel I have quite finished with it yet....................
My results are out on 6 July so I just have to be patience!  
Meantime I am hoping to exhibit in an exhibition at the end of July in Plymouth called 'Pushing the boat out' - seems made for me doesn't it?


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Well done Rosie! Oh, the places you will go now!

grrl + dog said...

congrats on finishing -

I do understand the hole it leaves and the vacuum of contact.

never mind - nature abhors a vacuum. Something will come along to fill it.

Marjojo said...

Congratulations, you've done it! I still miss the feedback and exchanges possible at college - one day I hope to be part of a studio community... In the meantime blogs are a good way to stay in touch, comment, encourage, praise :)

Rosie Kearton said...

Many thanks Marion, Denise and Leslie - I am now taking down the show - feels a bit sad but looking forward to filling that vacuum/hole Denise and moving on!
Marion I agree that blogging is a wonderful way to stay in touch with like minded people - I get so much from it - it was great to also find you on a.n. blog
Leslie - it is so exciting thinking about new creative adventures

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This has been a wonderful post...both the photos, writing and comments. Bravo Rosie!
I have found the blog to be a good support system so use us all for any and all of your next adventures. Or just share your latest walk about when the rain clears!