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A day on Dartmoor in very unsettled weather today with 2 painting friends - drawing plein air! We started with coffee at the Two Bridges Inn (essential) and then found a spot near Postbridge to settle down. This forest of trees on the horizon is such a perfect form you'd think it was a sculpture! Rain, wind, sudden bursts of light in the greyness, and brief rays of sunshine - not the hot sunny summer's day we wished for. We got quite cold at one point!

 My drawing is so rusty I have vowed to draw one day a week from now on - it is one of the intentions I made at the beginning of the year which has sadly fallen by the wayside - even though I'm not happy with this one it is the best of what I did today - I hope I will see the progress I am making by posting a drawing on the blog each week.... 

Drawing, graphite and white pastel 
I am starting a new project on PLACE with another artist friend from North Wales who is visiting next week - a very big theme I know,  which hopefully will be narrowed down as I/we progress - the mediums I will be using are photography, printmaking and drawing.

I realised that I haven't been out for a whole day on my own for several weeks now and need to do it pretty soon - to give myself some time for reflection - maybe tomorrow along the coastal path?


lynne h said...

heya rosie... hope you got out wandering... : ) xoxo

Rosie Kearton said...

Hi Lynne - yes lovely wandering see my latest plastic find on my post today