Foraging in the fridge

Foraging in the fridge for all the left overs to go into a variety of salads I came across a large jar of pickled red peppers that my daughter had bought when she was here in July - this was floating on the top .....

Pickled pepper fungus growth - 3 x 2 inches 

 Even the underside is beautiful - furry and more delicate looking

...... inspiration comes from the most unlikely places! I am drying it out to see what happens to it - it is a marvelous thing, quite leathery and robust and looks deadly poisonous - I hate throwing things away and can't make my mind up whether to eat the peppers or not? Perhaps it's best not to risk it!!

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Carole said...

Um, no, I don't think it's a good idea to eat the remaining pickles, Rosie! :) BUT you should continue taking photos and studying it for sure! Have fun.