Friday's celebration

Friday was just such a great day - after 7 years (I studied part time and took a year out in the middle!) I finally graduated with a first class honours BA in Fine Art - Plymouth University did us proud

It got better as the day progressed - my lovely daughter Olivia took me to lunch (I had hake which was yummy!). When we arrived at the restaurant we were shown to our table and I excused myself for a few minutes, I was a bit desperate by this time as there were the usual long queues for the ladies at the ceremony! When I came back to the table a large beautiful carrier bag was sitting there! 

A card with messages from my family and friends 

then the box inside was opened and this was inside!

Yes a white 32gb WiFi ipad - I can't tell you how shocked I was - a wonderful shock of course but so unexpected! Those of you who have been reading my posts for the last few years will know how much I've dreamed of having one! And just as I'd discounted it as being financially impossible (for the time being anyway!) I have one! Wow - my daughter said it's the first time she's seen me speechless (and in tears!). What fun I'm going to have! A very big, heartfelt thank you to you all and to the universe  - I feel so blessed!

So what now? Well I've made my decision so..................



Liz Davidson / Artist Notebook said...

CONGRATS Rosie, exceedingly well done, and I am in total envy for your IPad, can't wait tosee what you get up too. Get Star Walk app ASAP, it's amazing,

lynne h said...

oh rosie, everything about this post makes me happy!! many congratulations and much love to you!


Fiona Dempster said...

Congratulations Rosie - how special to have such a milestone recognised in so many loving and beautiful ways - enjoy your iPad; there's no stopping once you start!