Monday's job - restoration

A friend recently offered me this old guillotine which he was about to take to the tip.......

it was  very dirty and  rusted and needed a good clean but  the blade is still very sharp - I used soap and water then steel wool and finally a metal cleaner - all I need now is to buy some penetrating oil (I've done my research) in order to get the bolt off - then I can clean the underside of the blade

I shall cut up some old paper/card and non precious stuff for a bit before I put through anything that matters!
there is a great deal of satisfaction in making a 'throw out' serviceable again! And it is perfect for my bookmaking


Mandy Beall said...

Nicely done! x

redredday said...

hi Rose! so happy to hear from you!! i almost did not recognize you from your use of real name. omg i did not know you have 5 daughters and twins too!!! i am now even more curious how your life have been as a working mother artist. please share more here?

love these glimpses of your home life. i am so impressed by the work you have done, esp your garden design! that is something i would love for our ugly backyard. hope to see more progress posts on it! xxxooo

Rosie Kearton said...

Thanks Mandy
Mien - lovely to catch up with you again - your little boy is adorable - enjoy him now - they grow up so quickly - mine have long flown but I still miss them! It was hectic while they were growing up but also a creative family time to enjoy cooking, gardening etc - now I have time to explore my self!