I don't very often post about household jobs but I've taken a few days out of the studio to catch up on some creative house projects which I've been meaning to do for ages - firstly the final stages to my garden design which was to replace the turf in my small garden with gravel - it really was too small for a lawn - I've been digging the turf up a bit at a time as it's heavy work and gives me back ache after a while but at long last I've dug up the remaining bit and put the gravel down - I'm pleased with the result - now there's more planting to be done to soften the edges (any excuse to buy plants!)

I bought this second hand coffee table for just a few pounds last year with the intention of painting it red as that is the dominant colour of my living room. It looked a bit tatty but was generally in good condition - I love Annie Sloan  chalk paint - I've used her red/pink colour and then rubbed in her dark wax which gives it a darker look with a sheen! I think it looks quite smart! 

Now all I've got to do is some shelving in a downstairs room which I want to turn into a darkroom as it has no window and tidy up and make room in my shed! In between I will get back into the studio as I have a couple of books to make! 


Marion Clayden said...

I love your garden. It looks very tidy, unlike ours! And the red table is just gorgeous.

Andrew Stone said...

This looks great and the red color and wax were a good choice. But why do you keep two tables on top of each other?