Crossing Paths - a walking collaboration and artist's book

Sometime ago I promised to post an image of the final book I made for the walking collaboration with painter friend Judith Cockram .

Finished book - Crossing Paths
I finished making one book for Judith's degree show in June and am now busy making another 2. One for myself and another for Mandy Beall who has inspired me by ordering a copy. Thank you so much Mandy for your support and encouragement.
page of book - collagraph Rosie Kearton
We have (Judith and myself) now decided to make it a limited edition of 20. I have put the details on my Etsy shop and there is a link on the sidebar to the right if you'd like to know more or even buy a copy!
End pages of book 

I am really going to make a concerted effort to promote my work more. I sometimes lack confidence in what I do so when other artists and bloggers comment positively about my work it makes such a big difference! Love getting all your comments!


Jane said...

Oh Rosie keep going! You are south in your work and as long as you keep making it its ok. Great book

Liz Davidson / Artist Notebook said...

Rosie , this looks so great, off to see more of it [ I hope] at the shop. Can you post more pictures of it....I know I'm greedy!

Rosie Kearton said...

Thank you for your encouragement Jane
Liz thank you too and I've just posted a few more images in a new post