L.I.E. - Library of Independent Exchange workshop

An inspiring first day (of 4 days) on the design school workshop at Plymouth Arts Centre run by L.I.E.

We spent the morning playing visual games like the one below where one person was shown an image for 5 secs and then drawing it by memory for 2 mins - this image was then shown to the next person etc. a visual chinese whispers! 
We also did quick drawings from moving images - I used water color paint and really enjoyed myself - the painting led on to the afternoon exercise - we were each given a topic - mine was 'Above the stars' and were asked to produce 8 drawings which formed a narrative - these were then photocopied and folded into A4 booklets - the final task was to make a rubber stamp (something I've been meaning to do for ages!) for the front cover
Finished booklets with rubber stamped covers 
Some open pages 
One of my pages 'Above the stars'
The session leaders Holly Wales and Stephen Smith 

It was a splendid day and I've come away with lots of ideas for my bookmaking - many thanks to Holly Wales and Stephen Smith for making it a full, creative and fun day.
I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's session - more to follow about this!


Fiona Dempster said...

looks like fun and good food for the art soul!

Carole said...

Please share more, Rosie!